Unlocking communities' shared economic power to grow sustainability and expand prosperity on the local level.

End of Year Report

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Read the End of Year Report to learn more about our impacts and accomplishments in 2012.

See how we help people use their shared economic power to access services they need and improve their communities. Download the report here.


Community Power

Groundswell committed to Clinton Global Initiative America to help communities combine their collective power to purchase clean energy, save money and enrich their local community.

Mission-based organizations can learn more about pooling their purchasing power through our Community Power Program here.

Families also have the opportunity to switch to clean power and lower their electricity bills. Sign up for our Community Power Program for Homes here

Civic Consumption


Our work is grounded in the civic consumption model, or the idea that by pooling their purchasing power, people and communities can do more than gain access to services they want at lower cost.

They can actually incentivize businesses to deliver deeper social, environmental, and economic benefits to their communities.

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Sign up for affordable clean power.

Our Community Power Program helps organizations and families make the switch.


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