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3 Shocking Truths About Beauty Products You Use Every Day

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  • etsy
    What Would the World Look Like, With Micro-Entrepreneurship?

    I wasn’t sure where she was going at 0:07. By 0:32, I thought she might be getting somewhere. But by 3:33, she had me hook, line, and sinker. We all use Etsy, to buy and sell homemade or vintage items. But could  Etsy change consumerism for good? Althea Erickson, the director of public policy for […]

  • Photo by al_fernandez/CC  by 2.0
    7 Inventive & Cheap Date Ideas for Progressives

    Here’s the truth: I’ve been on some bad dates. One time, I sat through a multi-hour dinner where the only question my date asked me was, “What’s your favorite color?” When I told him green, he replied that he didn’t “favor anything on the color wheel that had yellow in it.” At his request, we […]

  • 800px-Urban_Outfitters
    Why I’m Breaking Up with Urban Outfitters (and 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Shop)

    Urban Outfitters, you’re the 9th grade boyfriend I never had. Call me a hipster wannabe, but I was so in love with you all through high school and college, Urban. Your store’s so modern boho. Your clothes are so trendy, casual, and chic. I’ve been in awe of your accessories, your huge selection of graphic […]


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Identify a good or service without widespread access

Bring people and organizations together

Leverage the group’s collective buying power

Expand access, increase impact, reward good businesses

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