Quitting veganism

DECISIONS: Why I Stopped Being a Vegan

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  • Photo via WriteNews.
    #Factsnotfear: 3 Tips for Ebola-Related Purchases

    True or false: if we spend more on Ebola, we can prevent the kind of infectious spread like we see in zombie movies. Well, maybe. I don’t need to preach about how spending money in itself doesn’t solve problems. But it does seem like a truth worth revisiting, since I’m finding myself wishing I could just […]

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    2 Bizarre Things You Can Buy at IKEA

    Need some insurance, or sustainable energy? IKEA, the giant Swedish furniture store famous for its low prices and DIY-assembly tables, has become the hallmark of a college student or recent grad’s apartment. And with a 2013 Forbes brand value of $11.5 billion dollars, it’s clear that IKEA’s business model is a profitable one. What’s more, their money has […]

  • Photo via
    Top 3 Pink Products to Reject During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October means the return of pumpkin spice, pop culture Halloween costumes, and pink. Lots of pink. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has turned into a corporate behemoth, as companies are racing to be a part of the trend, with pink products like water bottles and candy bars. And while nearly 40,000 women die of breast cancer […]


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