If you didn't know the logos, would you know which product belongs to which company?

The Bottom Line: Patagonia, North Face, and the Myth of Green Consumerism

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    5 Reads to Make You Smarter about the New Economy

    As we venture bravely into this new economy that everyone (including us) keeps talking about, it’s worth taking the time to read the writers who are doing some critical thinking about what it all means. Here are five books from the last 5 years that deserve a shelf-spot or Kindle download: 1. America the Possible: […]

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    5 Netflix Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspective

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    MAP: Which Cities Have Banned Plastic Foam?

    It’s official: Washington, DC has become the latest city to ban plastic foam products (commonly called Styrofoam). Just yesterday (7/14), DC lawmakers passed the second and final round of a bill called “Sustainable DC Omnibus Act of 2014,” which includes a ban on the product in restaurants and businesses. Though the bill won’t come into […]


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Identify a good or service without widespread access

Bring people and organizations together

Leverage the group’s collective buying power

Expand access, increase impact, reward good businesses

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