Don’t See A Difference Between UPS and FedEx? Here’s One.

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  • The outside of a Walmart
    Walmart’s Making Employees Pay for Uniforms. Do I Want to Pay for Walmart?

    This September, Walmart instituted a new policy: all employees must wear blue shirts to adhere to the company dress code, and they must pay out of pocket for them. Here are the facts: Walmart used to require employees to wear khaki pants or skirts, and now they also require employees to wear a specific set […]

  • Actress Kerry Washington, the star of Scandal.
    Go Ahead, Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

    Finally, it’s television season again. Need a reason to watch an entire season of Scandal or Orange is the New Black in one sitting? We’ve got you covered. There’s been a lot of talk this past summer about the Fall 2014 TV show lineup. The Atlantic asked if 2014 was the year TV would officially begin to atone for […]

  • Dunham shares her new book via Instagram. | Photo via Huffington Post.
    I’m Buying Lena Dunham’s New Book: 3 Quotes that Wowed Me

    Lena Dunham, best known as star and creator of the hit HBO show Girls, has just published a book of essays. As I’ve started to dig into it, this book has helped me realize something: reading is my favorite thing in the world, and I haven’t thought very much about how my book purchases are contributing […]


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