You work at a great place, but you want to make it greater, don’t you?  Switch your your organization, small business, church, school or synagogue to 100% wind power today. Show your employees, members, students and customers that you’re committed to saving our environment. It’s easy and it doesn’t have to be more expensive – get started today!


It’s pretty easy. Get started by filling out the form to tell us that you’re interested. We’ll bring you into a group, gather your information, negotiate on your behalf, share a price and then, you switch your electricity source to 100% wind power.


GSE graphic process

Groundswell Energy is here to help organizations and small businesses switch to clean energy and save money. We’re a nonprofit and our in-house experts navigate the complex clean energy market on your behalf. We’re here to make this process easy on your staff and easy on your budget. We use the power of the group to make it happen.

Need more information?  Here are some great tools:

Brett Wiley
Director of Groundswell Energy


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